Charles’s Job Part I

Charles’s eyes fluttered open. He lay on his cot, the lights slowly rising as the sensors in the cot’s frame detected his increased heart rate and breathing. Sleeping in wasn’t an option. He sat up, groaning, and swung his spindly legs round, placing his feet on the cold concrete. Shuffling into the ablutions chamber, he mumbled “Eucalyptus” into the Uni-Port in the wall and listened to the glockenspiel’s clear notes ringing in the chamber. Leaning his head against the wall, mist spraying all over his brittle and spotted skin, Charles thought about his dreams.

Fragments swirled through his head, half memory half the ineffable motivation of the unconscious. He remembered the summit, the meeting where mankind was supposed to save itself. He remembered Dr. Daniel’s speech to the summit, and the world who, where there was still electricity, sat around their computers streaming the talks and waiting for the promise of sanctuary from the poisoned air that attacked them and the droughts that starved them and the tainted water that made them sick. Charles had been briefed on her speech before she made it, had the matter explained to him, its reasoning and necessity.

She had developed the first colony of the air-scrubbing bacteria that fed off the poisons in the air, cleaning it before it entered peoples homes. She had resurrected the idea of the home as a safe haven, as the family castle that was safe to sleep in. The world loved her. They loved her like Christians loved Jesus because she was their savior, their shining star in the quickly darkening sky. And she, Dr. Daniel, was about to tell the people of the world that they were going to die.

Because they were. She was the one chosen to make the announcement because the world would believe her. The PIC wanted as much widespread acceptance as possible. Her job was to destroy their hope, to crush it, and to facilitate their passing. She described the various government programs designed to kill gently and with a small measure of dignity, while the people began the global wailing.


7 Responses to “Charles’s Job Part I”

  1. Courtney Wendel Says:

    hmmm, must admit Conor, you manage to tie in a lot of the reading. what is your major? not creative writing, aren’t you math? anyways, this is actually a pretty cool little segment you have here. hope to read more of it 🙂

    • thank you! Yeah, each post is going to continue the narrative and I don’t actually have a declared major yet, but I am kind of leaning towards creative writing.

  2. Amanda Triplett Says:

    Air-scrubbing bacteria… if only. However, I’m sure if such a thing is developed, it will work for a little bit but eventually morph into something horrible killing us all. I guess in the end it did what it was designed to do… scrub the earth of all the scum. Too bad we were the pollutants making the scum.

  3. Seriously. It seems that all manipulation of cool bacteria backfires on us.

  4. Nice, Conor. Makes me want to read more.

  5. coolaccordionest Says:

    This is really great Conor. I know we’re all excited to hear more of it.
    I liked how you tied in the music with your story. It seemed to fit in perfectly when you read it to the class. I hope you can get in creative writing asap!

    • Thank you coolaccordionest. I’m pretty sure I know how I’m going to end it, but the middle’s all pretty much a mystery to me. This is one of the things I really like about Dr. Ray’s classes, they’re pretty open ended so you really get into what you’re making. I’ve effectively made this my own little creative writing class.

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