Will Any of this Even Matter? by CJReevesII

Colonialism, slavery, rampant advertisement, and propaganda: in 21st century America, do these words ring a bell to you? Well, they do to author Robin Morris Collin. In her article “The Apocalyptic Vision: Environmentalism and a Wider Embrace,” she talks exactly of these issues. More simply, it is her argument that “footprints” of western colonialism have led to the environmental injustice that we are facing today. She makes the claim that in areas of highest economic poverty and racial minority, we see a higher decline in the use of governmental resources to maintain a healthy living environment. She also ascribes to the affirmation that a monopoly of land held by rich governing powers proves useless to the mass majority of indigenous and impoverished peoples around the world creating a dense barrier of environmentalism inequality. So, what is the answer to the steep decline of our economical environmental crisis? Why the Apocalypse of course, and Author David Arnold thinks the trajectory of the world is leading us precisely in that direction.

In his book, “The Problem of Nature,” he relates how historians have paired the vastly stacking evidence of impending doom with current cultural beliefs in order to point the finger at apocalyptic rhetoric; that the natural disasters of modern-day occurrences just happen to be the prophecy’s of Judaeo- Christian text. However, other critics, such as Sut Jhally claims, much like Collin that the end of the world will be a forced act beat down by human nature and our insatiable appetite for industrial conquest.

In my opinion it will be both. We as humans have chosen to run down the sands of wealth this earth has so graciously given us. In doing so, we help to create our own end and fulfill the Biblical prophecy of the world’s end.

So only one question remains; when it is all over will any of this even matter?

Check out Sut Jhally’s video on Advertising & the End of the World by clicking the link below



2 Responses to “Will Any of this Even Matter? by CJReevesII”

  1. Shane Rud Says:

    It’s sad that being the wealthiest nation in the world also means that we are the most destructive nation in the world. In order to maintain our growing standards of living, we must harvest resources from poor countries. We pay a cheap price for these resources meaning that the countries receive even less money, increasing the wage gap and ultimately leaving that country worse-off and not able to improve it’s quality of life.

  2. Louise Westling Says:

    Robin Collin is actually a woman. She is a law professor at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. She and her husband have co-authored a number of publications on environmental justice.

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