X-Files: Eve

Although I didn’t have to post this week, I figured I would share something I found some what amusing.

In the episode, “Eve” from season 1 of the X-Files, Mulder and Scully run into what they think is an alien abduction.  Contrary to their believes, the secret source of information, Deep Throat, informs them that the government attempted to create genetically enhance children to eventually be molded into supersoldiers/a perfect race in a project called the Litchfield Experiment.  The children created in these projects were identified as either “Adam” or “Eve” in accordance to their gender (when more than one, it becomes Eve 1, Eve 2, etc.).

When reading “A Year of the Flood,” by Margaret Atwood, I found it interesting to find that the Gardeners names were similar, Adam 1, being the creator of the “religion.” What do you think was the significance of naming the characters Adam or Eve in the book?  Do you feel that the members with these names held a higher place and were the poster children for “the perfect race”?

Here’s the X-Files episode. Around 20 minutes, it gets kinda creepy…. X-Files: Eve Episode


One Response to “X-Files: Eve”

  1. Summer, YES! Nice observations! Adam was the original man, and Eve the original woman. But Atwood’s revisions of these human prototypes plays on their status as poster children for perfection. An interesting way to reframe that question might be: What about God’s Gardeners and the Adams and Eves that lead the group is NOT like the way the Bible depicts Adam and Eve? They have their imperfections, they have their lies and their sordid biographies. They manipulate, they “trade”, they don’t believe, and they even betray their people by selling out to the Corporation.

    Dare I suggest that Atwood is mocking the pedestal on which Western society has long put Adam and Eve? If so, there was never such a thing as the Garden of Eden as we think of it. There’s no such thing as Original Sin. The “Fall,” as Atwood writes, was not the fall of man into sin, but rather the fall of humans away from their animal state. Recall the passage when Adam One is discussing the Fall of Man from the tree, toward technology, away from being in the now, etc… It’s a reverse evolutionary teleology!

    By deploying this revision of Adam and Eve, and by combining the narratives of the Fall of Man (Bible) and evolution (Darwin), perhaps TYOTF is telling us that natural selection/ genetic fitness/ evolution toward perfection are bogus, and that we can never go back to the Garden…

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