Food, Inc.

This movie will make you change the way you think about food.  It covers everything from organic farms versus big corporations farms to GMOs.  After watching it, my family made the decision to only eat organic, especially when it comes to meat.  Check it out, it’s worth the rent.  The Food, Inc. Movie Website.

Here’s a clip from the movie.


2 Responses to “Food, Inc.”

  1. coolaccordionest Says:

    Also note that the website has a blog link to it. Keep active and start the revolution!

  2. ajtriplett Says:

    This is a really great flick. Like Summer said, it touches on so much more than just GMOs. The giant food corporations are controlling everything the little farmers do– they have no say in what they grow or how they grow it. Local farmers who just want to make a living are going under because they are trying to fight to sell their local seed. The big wigs want nothing to do with this and are taking them to the cleaners. The yield of their crop is going up, but at what cost?

    Seeing the chickens who can’t walk because their legs can’t grow quick enough to support their top-heavy breasts makes you think twice about buying that Tyson chicken or ordering those nuggets from McDonalds. The conditions the animals live in– it makes me sick. Large companies are bringing in migrant workers, paying them little to nothing, then having them shipped back out by INS! The problems with the food is just the tip of the iceberg!

    I feel with all the genetic tweaking we are doing with seeds and animals, eventually we are going to hit a dead end and not be able to turn around. Diseases will mutate and hit the food industry with a slap in the face. What will we do then when our food is tainted? Move to Alaska and revert back to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle?? Really, what can we do? Buy local, buy organic? I am and I do. But am I really making a difference– I don’t think so but it makes me feel better and helps me sleep at night knowing that the egg I ate for breakfast came from a hen who could walk and wasn’t confined to a pen the size of a piece of paper.

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