“Auntie Em, Auntie Em! It ain’t a twister!”

          “Americans had become a force of awful geology, changing the face of the earth more than the combined activities of volcanoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, tornadoes and all the excavations of mankind since the beginning of history.”    page 127  The Worst Hard Time, by Timothy Egan


     That paragraph from Timothy Egan’s book, The Worst Hard Time, is quite apropos-I think more so now than in the past two century.    

     A person’s first reaction is to deny that we humans, our communities, societies, and cultures could be a form of or contributing factor to the eco-collapse on a global scale. 

      Of course, we all know we are in denial and that epiphany is reached as we drop our umpteen empty latte cup in the trash. We contribute on an almost hourly basis to the demise of our world-sad but true.

     If you doubt, here’s an experiment to try, keep a list of every thing you throw in the trash for one day (weighing the item would have a greater impact). Now add those items and their weights, multiply it by 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.  THAT’S A LOT OF TRASH FOR ONE PERSON!

     The difference from then and now is that back then it was agriculturally motivated and we are now consumer addled-okay obsessed.

     Granted the dust bowl information and photos are eye-popping, mind-boggling images and thoughts but I think what is occurring now in this century is much more insidious and potentially a global killer.

     The United States, instead of being the positive model to other countries is, in fact, the leader in the negative wasteful behavior now being perpetrated.

           “Of all the countries in the world, we Americans have been the greatest destroyers of land of any race of people barbaric or civilized.”                                                                                                                                                                                                          –                     – Hugh Hammond Bennett 



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