California Drought

California is one of the nations leading agriculture states, generating a gross amount of 36.6 billion dollars in their agriculture industry in 2007. California is also enduring one of the worst droughts in America today as it enters it’s worst prolonged drought since 1921. Although shortage of rainfall is the main culprit, an underlying problem that many people don’t realize is that the problem is them. Water supplies cannot keep up with our rapidly expanding population.

Droughts in America 2009

California has always been a dry state and never relied on rainfall for their crops. Instead, they turn to the Sierra Nevada mountains to the east for water. Obtaining this water greatly depends on the amount of snowfall during the winter season. Lately, warming temperatures have caused snowpacks too soon, preventing the collection in reservoirs. Farmers depend on that water to be collected in the reservoirs to water their crops, without it, the crops will fail as there is very limited rainfall. While farmers continue to sap water from the Sierra Nevadas, very little water is flowing to the ocean, which is responsible for commercial fishing to not have a season the past two years. Conservation efforts have turned pumps off to farms and allowed water to flow to the ocean. This has caused for many farmers in California to become unemployed because there isn’t a sufficient amount of water to go around, one of the major causes of California’s financial crisis. Water is becoming increasingly limited as populations continue to soar. The hard fact to swallow is that there are far too many people in the world to continue producing vast amounts of crops with water becoming scarce. Do we continue to exhaust our resources by trying to maintain current agricultural output? Or, do we somehow find an equilibrium to satisfy economic as well as environmental needs? We must find an answer soon or suffer the consequences of repeating our history.


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  1. Taylor Manuel Says:

    Awesome researching work! That last video really puts things into perspective!

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