Tried, and epically failed

So, I was supposed to post last night before, 9pm. Well, obviously that did not happen. Why? Because the is by far the worst book I have ever been asked to read: every chapter is disjointed, with diction that is over elevated and rather absurd, and then to top it of, it has quotes such as “”Are you people telling me,” Babette said, “that a rat is not only a vermin and a rodent but a mammal too?”” (page 121). This insults me as a reader. Now, one possible explanation for the disjointed nature of the chapters where one does not follow the other and they do not build to give the reader a since of growing plot, is to reflect the nature of American society where we travel about from one thing to another quickly, and have many random tasks to do throughout the day. The elevated diction and rather absurd commentary is possibly to try to fit the level of education that the main character has as a college professor, but it fails epically. I have finally gotten to page 125 after trying desperately to read this book for 2 weeks, and feel only anger towards the characters. Finally (from reading the synopsis I know something about a toxic could should happen) we have gotten to the point of the book. Honestly, you could start reading from here and I don’t think you would be missing anything. When the sirens sound for people to evacuate their homes, the main family tells there children that they don’t need to now, and keep telling them that they don’t need to leave and it won’t drift towards them. This is absurd beyond belief and if they all die then that’s fine because they were dumb. I doubt that they would sound emergency sirens if it wasn’t an emergency. To top off the absurdity, the main character Jack says things like “I’m not just a college professor. I’m the head of a department. I don’t see myself fleeing an airborne toxic event. That’s for people who live in mobile homes out in the scrubby parts of the country, where the fish hatcheries are.” (page 115) Really? Really? This ignorance hurts me as a human being. I think that this book was trying to get at a cool idea, but massively epically failed. Hard.


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  1. PS: the title of the book is White Noise by Don DeLillo.

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