I’ll do it tomorrow…

We are some of the most fortunate people to be  living in Southeast Alaska, and also some of the most blind. We live in such a pristine environment its difficult to perceive the damages that are being inflicted on the environment everyday. Because we are so isolated, we must ship most of our state supplies via boat, airplane and trucking. We import 90% of our food from other states. Alaska’s harsh environment requires vast amounts of fuel to keep our state running. Yet, we don’t perceive the damage we inflict because we cannot physically see it nor feel it when the damaging effects could well be underway.

Pristine Tongass Forest

For example, logging in the Tongass National Forest. This hasn’t been happening on a large scale, but President Obama has recently approved a contract for logging to re-open in the Tongass. The objective to open logging was to give jobs to loggers that are quickly becoming unemployed. Like in the Diamond reading, there are jobs that benefit some while they tend to hurt others. Logging would be a temporary solution to creating an economy while it destroyed our forests which would be permanent for our lifetime and decades to come. Also from the Diamond reading, there is no reason to wait to save a resource for another day when we can use it today. If the day comes where our forests are being logged around us, will we finally realize the severity of our actions? Will we finally get the motivation to go green when it’s too late?

The point is, we don’t perceive the danger of our actions until we see it. Once we see bare mountains, we are likely to make a change with our daily lives to commit in being greener. People need to anticipate problems before they happen, because once they happen, it might not be reversible.


4 Responses to “I’ll do it tomorrow…”

  1. So here’s a great example of society not reacting. This barely registered a blip on the news; bee populations in the lower 48 are in serious trouble.

    Without bees this world is screwed and all the newscasters could comment about was the fact that honey prices would rise significantly and the quality isn’t going to be as good because the bees will be “worked” too hard and Alaska doesn’t seem to be feeling the effects.

    Really, is that what should worry us? When will our bank accounts and our materialistic greedy nature stop and we WAKE UP?

    Like all the authors stated and looking at history, do we ever really learn? It seems we wait and react almost too late and then over correct and it either blows up in our face or we create an every bigger problem. Then our statement is so ISEP, “It’s not our problem, IT’S SOMEONE ELSE’S PROBLEM!” (Diamond, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, p. 431)

    This country has gotten so out of touch with Nature, morals, and values that we should have a new Pledge of Allegiance we teach our doomed future generations.

    I pledge allegiance to the almighty dollar
    Of the United States of America.
    And to the materialistic creed of greed
    That indoctrinates us all.
    We are a nation with corrupt politicians
    Who will screw us and,
    Leave us with no liberities or justice at all!

    Prove this wrong (especially with what’s going on now).

  2. CJ Reeves II Says:

    I have to agree with everything that you said… Everywhere we look, globalization is happening around us. I remember when I used to live in the suburb outside of Chicago. There were parks and green areas all over the place. After I moved, I went back to visit family a few years later. What I saw surprised me. So much of the green space that had once been there was taken up with new apartment complexes and shopping centers. My aunt told me that the area was getting so popular that the state couldn’t (or wouldn’t) stop the building. Too bad that everything id ruled by how much money is being pored into it. I truly believe that if we continue to go down this road of “earth destruction.” the generation that follow ours will have a bigger hole to climb out of then is possible.

  3. ajtriplett Says:

    Are we really blind to the problems that are going on around us? I don’t think so. We know they are happening, we know the long and short term effects of our ways, we ignore them. Even when we see a lush forest being cut down in front of our eyes, we still brush off the problem. I mean, there’s more forest, more trees…. right?

    You said in that in the “Diamond reading, there are jobs that benefit some while they tend to hurt others. Logging would be a temporary solution to creating an economy while it destroyed our forests which would be permanent for our lifetime and decades to come.”

    WE ARE SELFISH. That is the lifestyle that we are brought up in and until we begin to change our ethics, our way of thinking, we will continue to cut our life cord.

  4. jessicabarranco Says:

    I’m a bit disturbed by the fact that Obama wants to “supposedly” stop the War on Terror, but is inclined to threaten the nation by SUFFOCATION. We are going to cut off our oxygen supply to fill a lumber jack’s pockets with money. Is this nothing short of a profit scheme!? Heck, I’d rather stick it out with a so-called terrorist and take my chances. At least they wouldn’t deprive me of mere choice. Without oxygen… I wouldn’t be alive to make any decision.

    In the shadows of Democracy (although we should consider our Constitution and actually be a Republic; but that’s a different story…), the United States is supposed to have morals and values beyond that of a dollar. The idea of “utilitarianism”, the greatest good for the greatest number, isn’t at play once our forests are completely cut down! Maybe what Obama is telling people, is that we should all become lumber jacks and make a profit, so that at the end of the work day (when the last tree is felled), we can still afford oxygen tanks. Now that, is consumerism at its finest!

    Maybe Obama hired Simon Dalby (from a video, Paul Ehrlich and the Population Bomb). I would hope that the government would have at least a 5-year plan- to not die (or kill everyone). In the movie, Dalby says that there is no limit to resources for humans. Their resource is the mind, and when resources become scarce, the ability of humans to conceive of alternatives are unlimited. Maybe Obama will create jobs to cut down forests; maybe he’ll be smart and create jobs that will sustain the environment. Then again, the human mind might become scarce, if we continue to cut our oxygen supply. I wonder if the number of strokes has gone up with the number of forests going down. Maybe our minds don’t have enough oxygen already.

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