It all comes down to The Lorax

Over the weekend I was looking at Dr. Seuss books for my daughter.  The Lorax!!!  Why didn’t I think of this before! If you haven’t read it or need a refresher, do it now…… The Lorax

I wish I would have came across this sooner.  Reading this story made me go back to my notes on Diamond, factors that lead to failure, and root causes.  This is such a good example– I had to share.

  • Before the problem arises— The Once-ler is a man that saw the beautiful Truffula Trees, but, like Diamond suggests, the Once-ler was desensitized to the possibility of disaster.
  • Failure of  perception—-The Once-ler cut down one Truffula Tree, created a Thneed, and thought that would be the end of everything.  WRONG.
  • Radical behavior— The Lorax came and warned the Once-ler what was happening,–the Brown Bar-ba-loots, Truffula Fruits, Humming Fish, and Swommee-Swans were all sent away because one tree turned into several and the once plush environment was now bleak and dead.
  • Why no solution—- By the time the Once-ler cut down the last Truffula Tree, he did feel guilty, but it was too little too late.

This story is us, America, the world in a nutshell.  Like the Once-ler, we exploit beautiful habitats until there is nothing left.  We see it going on in front of us, but think….. If I don’t do it…. someone else will.

I also think it’s important to point out all the environmental literature out there for kids.  The Lorax was published in the 70s and today the TV is filled with environmental thinking for kids…. Dora the Explorer, The Simpsons, Sesame Street and tons more.  Being smart about how we treat Mother Earth is being pounded into their heads.

Even with this information being shoved into our faces from infancy, will it actually make a difference?  I like to think so.


2 Responses to “It all comes down to The Lorax”

  1. coolaccordionest Says:

    Best blog post ever! 🙂 This was fantastic. I remember seeing this video and reading the book when I was younger and thinking how terrible it was that people do things like that. Great job. I really enjoy doing blog posts were we mix in popular culture.

  2. Taylor Manuel Says:

    Awesome! Seuss should be taught in every college class no matter the subject! After all, he’s a Dr. right?!

    I like your optimism of access to an enviro-mental consciousness for the younger generations towards the end of your post. Though I think this exposure is sadly dwarfed by the shadow cast by the garbage heap of commercialism and consumerist propaganda. It should be noted that conscious does not always lend to conscientiousness. In other words awareness does not equal a recognized obligation to that awareness. Notedly, I recognize that is not the subject of your post.

    Once again thank you for an amazing post. RIP Dr. Seuss!

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