We won’t be back

Rebecca Solnit’s article Judgment Day in Copenhagen brings up some great points– but these are all points we’ve heard over and over and over.  Our leaders, the ones we elect to run our great nation, are being blinded.  Well, I wouldn’t even say blinded, more like ignorant, stupid, greedy and so many more words of choice.  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Obama, and every other Joe Schmo who says that something must be done about climate change and they are the ones who are going to do it are full of crap.

Like Solnit stated, the agreement that was discussed in Copenhagen suggested that we limit the temperature increase to about 7 degrees F.  Really? I mean, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that limiting 7 degrees will still destroy the environment. Although the temperature increase would be over time (by 2100), that 7-degree increase will kill the coral reefs, devastate farms, make the Amazon non-existent, and cause a slew of other problems.  Why can’t we make drastic changes now?  Make carpooling and recycle mandatory.  Limit the number of cars people can own. Force square footage limits on the houses people build…. I know this is just the tip of the iceberg for solutions, but something major needs to be done.

and I feel fine

One of the comments a reader made on the Solnit article back in 2009 was about 9-11 and how  leaders across the world  “were all one, and would stand together against a common threat; yet tens of millions around the globe are now facing death by starvation and disease due to climate change, and those same governments can’t even agree to an agreement.”  Ding ding ding!!!!  Major disasters will continue to happen, people will continue to die, landscapes will perish until we just blow up.  The people who can really make a difference in the world—those who can make laws—need to do it now. Today.

Solnit said there are no superheroes but us….. superheroes aren’t real……


2 Responses to “We won’t be back”

  1. sooooooooooo, if we, the regular people, are supposed to be the super heroes, then does that mean that we regular people are also the super villains? Because if so, I’m feeling like Snidely Whiplash the more time I spend in this class because no matter how many starved corpses with living eyes I see, no matter how many acres of forest I see burnt before me, I just can’t muster enough will to do much about it or squeeze out a tear for those lost and those we’ll loose. I’ve been trying to slide myself into one of the eco-philosophies we’ve been reading about. Millieniumists, Neo-Malthusians, Regular Malthusians, Malthus Light (now with simpler solutions!), and I can’t quite fit into any of ’em. The only real tangible thing that I’ve changed in my life since starting this class, is every time I drink an iced tea or a soda or a bottle of water, I drop ’em into the appropriate trash receptacle.

    • ajtriplett Says:

      Well… at least you’re honest and doing something (some bastards don’t even put their plastic bottles in the recycling bin). 🙂

      But really, I feel like I bitch about this kind of stuff all the time, and Shane made a post about this earlier— what are WE doing? I could ride my bike, I live beside a bus stop but I drive my truck to UAS (everyday), I could carpool, I could have a garden and grow more veggies, I could drink less beer, I could eat less altogether— but I don’t.

      My hope is that that I continue to try and do a little bit– I educate myself, I recycle what I can, I try not to use plastic wrap or ziplock bags. I’m raising my child to love the outdoors and be a better person. We (at least I am) are passing on the buck and hoping for the best. Selfish-yes. Realistic-yes.

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